Carpet Protector Spray

carpet protector spray

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carpet protector spray - Vectra Furniture,

Vectra Furniture, Carpet, Fabric and Wall Coverings Protector Spray, 32 Oz.

Vectra Furniture, Carpet, Fabric and Wall Coverings Protector Spray, 32 Oz.

Vectra gives you the ability to maintain that luxurious " New" look of all your fabrics and floor-coverings. While it is recommended for use on all your new furnishings, Vectra works well on older items, that are freshly cleaned, with slightly less dramatic results. It prevents dirt from penetrating the fiber, on a molecular level, reducing friction and the accelerated wear of your fabrics which increases its life and durability. Simply spray Vectra onto your household items and experience years of quality protection. No more hassles over scheduling fabric protection and wondering who can get the job done.

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Spray Club

Spray Club

SPRAY Club is located 2 km outside Prishtina / Kosovo, Industrial Zone South. The venue has a capacity of approximately 1,000 persons or 1,000 square meters. The building has a unique architectural shape, both outdoor and indoor. Between 2004 and 2007, SPRAY Club hosted numerous world-known DJs, producers and bands such as: Satoshi Tomiie-Japan, John Acquaviva-Canada, James Holden-UK, Jimmy Van M-USA, Luke Fair-Canada, Lee Burridge-UK, Ricky Ryan-Argentina, Marco Carola-Italy, Michel De Hey-Holland, Christian Smith-USA, Christian Fischer-Germany, DJ Murphy-Brasil, Dave Mothersole-UK, Haris-UK, 16 Bit Lolita's-Belgium, Rowan Blades-UK, Paul Spencer-UK, Peace Division-UK, Ian Pooley-Germany, Tito & Vincent-Franc, Eddie Richards-UK, Nathan Coles-UK, Tyrrell-UK, Tito & Vincent-Franc, Davide Mannali-Slovenia, Chloe Harris-USA, Dj Fex-Franc, etc. performing live in front of Kosova and international audiences with a variety of musical visions

1953 Buick near Spray Ave

1953 Buick near Spray Ave

I'm not sure where Spray Ave might be, but it looks like a beautiful day.

The car is a 1953 Buick. It has four doors, but only three portholes, so it's not a Roadmaster. A Super? The other cars visible in the photo appear to be of about the same vintage.

This was probably taken by my uncle's godfather, Herbert Dawkins.

carpet protector spray

carpet protector spray

Fabric-Guard PROTECTANT INTERIOIR Convertible Top, Carpet Fabric Upholstery Protector Shield (16oz)

Fabric Guard protects all new and clean fabrics repelling water, dirt, dust, grease, while protecting against damaging UV sun exposure. Protect your investments! Outdoor fabrics including canvas convertible tops, cloth automobile seats, upholstery, carpets, canvas boat covers, car covers and much more. A spray-on fabric protectant that coats fabric tops, carpet, upholstery, headliners and much more delivering a invisible shield that repels water and stains while extending the life of fibers increasing durability and life expectancy. A single application last 8-12 months and keeps your vehicle protected from the elements. Fabric Guard fuses with fibers deflecting elements both oil and water based liquids, bacteria and odors.

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