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hot to install carpet

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  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

  • cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"

  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room

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Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa

Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa

Nestled in the foothills of Montana’s snow-covered peaks of the Elkhorn Mountains is a place called Peace Valley.

This place was named Peace Valley by the First People of this land because they believed that all people should be able to come here to heal in the hot mineral waters. This valley was a place of healing, gathering, and celebration which gives it a unique history of being a place of peace and healing with no hostilities.

Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa is an historic landmark which once catered to Presidents, celebrities, and wealthy ranchers. It is reported that Teddy Roosevelt stayed here during his time in office while hunting in the area, that Warren Harding stayed here and FDR made a stop here after visiting associates in Butte.

The first of the buildings on this site was constructed in 1863 by a prospector, James E. Riley. Mr. Riley built a saloon and bathhouse catering to local miners and ranchers who came here to soak, bathe, and enjoy the amenities.

In 1881, Riley enlarged the hotel at the springs, and the following year began to construct a new hotel that would accommodate fifty people.

In September of that same year, Riley died of smallpox.

After Riley’s death, Abel C. Quaintance and Cornelius Griswold bought the springs and the hotel was completed.

In 1890, C.K. Kerrick of Minneapolis secured a ten-year lease on the property. He supervised the construction of a large addition to the old hotel structure, resulting in a Victorian hotel with veranda surrounding the building. He renamed the hotel the Hotel May after his daughter.

At the time of the lease, the hotel was two hours by rail from Helena and Butte. The Elkhorn line of the Northern Pacific completed that year brought rail service to the hotel. Kerrick disposed of his interest in the Hotel May that same year to a local businessman. During this time period, the Keeley Cure, a treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, was available at the hotel.

The property changed hands several times, and in 1909, James A. Murray, a Butte millionaire miner and banker, purchased the springs.

In 1910, the hotel underwent a thorough renovation. Murray hired an interior decorator from New York City who redecorated the card room in a Chinese motif and added fancy fresco work in the huge lobby. Murray also hung the lobby’s 12-foot ceiling with light globes of exclusive amber glass reportedly made by Tiffany’s of New York.

Murray, who frequently visited California, was enamored with the architecture there, and added arches and fountains to the hot springs building plus having it stuccoed. The result was a huge building, resembling a Spanish mission and built in the California Mission Arts & Crafts’ style.

During the Murray years, there were many managers of the springs, and it was often closed until someone would lease it. During the early ‘30’s, gambling was legal, and it was also the time of the “Big Bands,” so Saturday night in Peace Valley was a big night.

After the death of James A. Murray, his nephew, James E. Murray, later to become United States Senator, became the owner. He operated the hotel, with various managers, until 1940, when he sold it to C.L. “Pappy” Smith. Pappy Smith changed the name to the Diamond S Ranchotel by which it was to be known for the next 35 years or so.

The ranch was operated as a dude ranch, complete with trail rides and cook-outs. In about 1960, Smith’s nephew Art Hulbert and his wife Beth, came to work for him and instituted the tradition of Saturday night smorgasbords. These sumptuous meals, featuring baron of beef prepared by Walt Nettick, were enjoyed by as many as 400 or 500 people, with lines extending far out into the lobby.

Mr. And Mrs. Albert Lane purchased the Diamond S from Smith in 1960 and the ranch became a functioning cattle ranch. They also operated the guest hotel, bar and dining room.

A number of other owners were involved with the ranch/hotel over the years from 1965 through 1972, at which time Willard Mack and Robert Ryan from Billings purchased the property and subdivided the ranch.

The next owner, Stewart Lewin, changed the name back to Boulder Hot Springs and had it placed on the National Historic Register. Lewin attempted to make a success of the place for 11 years and was finally forced to close the Hot Springs in 1989.

In his years as owner, Lewin made many improvements to the hotel. Eventually, the property was returned to the former owners, Willard Mack and Robert Ryan.

In early 1990, the Hot Springs was purchased by Anne Wilson Schaef and it is now owned by a Limited Partnership. Under the present owners, the plunges were tiled for the first time, the bathhouse was completely renovated, an innovative heating system was installed using the thermal waters, and the East Wing was completely renovated with new heating, plumbing and electricity as well as custom-made, natural-wool carpeting in the hallways and rooms.

The rooms have been furnished with antiques

Jardins de Joan Brossa

Jardins de Joan Brossa

Jardins de Joan Brossa
El que durant mes de 30 anys va ser el Parc d'Atraccions de Montjuic, avui es un gran espai verd cobert d'una vegetacio esponerosa i molt mediterrania. Els Jardins de Joan Brossa conviden al passeig, al descans i al joc. Val la pena anar-hi i passar un dia de lleure, voltats d'un paisatge natural i frondos, amb zones assolellades i altres d'ombrivoles, i amb magnifiques vistes de Barcelona.
Els Jardins de Joan Brossa son un excel·lent exemple de la recuperacio paisatgistica i ambiental d'un espai mitjancant la consolidacio del paisatge vegetal ja existent i la potenciacio d'un aspecte natural i un punt silvestre.
A mig cami entre un parc forestal i un jardi de ciutat, els Jardins de Joan Brossa agafen caracteristiques de tots dos, especialment les propies d'un bosc. L'aspecte de natura espontania dels jardins es mes accentuat a la part inferior, on aquestes caracteristiques es reforcen pel predomini de la vegetacio. Una passera elevada de fusta s'hi endinsa i permet contemplar-la com si estiguessim dalt d'un balco.
Tant la topografia com la vegetacio preexistent constitueixen per si mateixes un paisatge molt atractiu. Tot i el desnivell, els jardins son de facil acces. Aixo es possible gracies a dues rampes que enllacen tot el recorregut principal. Solament en alguns racons, mig amagats entre els arbres, encara es conserven trams de les escales de pedra de l'antic parc d'atraccions, amb bancs de pedra encastats a la paret del pendent. A la zona superior de l'antic teatre hi ha un mirador amb grades de formigo, al qual s'accedeix facilment a traves d'una rampa.
Espai de connexio
La seva situacio ha convertit els Jardins de Joan Brossa en l'element de connexio entre diversos jardins del Parc de Montjuic. Just a sobre, una mica mes avall del castell de Montjuic, hi ha el Mirador de l'Alcalde, i l'itinerari que travessa el jardi en sentit est-oest permet enllacar directament amb els Jardins de Mossen Cinto Verdaguer, mes enlla dels quals trobem el Jardi de Petra Kelly - Viver Tres Pins i el Jardi Botanic de Barcelona.
Els jocs infantils
El caracter ludic, infantil i d'esbarjo de l'antic parc d'atraccions segueix present en aquests jardins. Hi ha tres arees de joc en les quals s'han instal·lat elements per a totes les edats, alguns de molt originals.
La diversio en equip esta representada per un joc de sorra i aigua que recorda els enginys dels miners de La febre de l'or. Esta al costat de l'acces que comunica amb els Jardins de Mossen Cinto Verdaguer, i calen uns quants nens i nenes per jugar-hi: uns, bombejant l'aigua, i uns altres, traginant la sorra cap a unes safates on es barregen els dos elements.
La musica tambe es un aspecte ludic molt important. En el cami que travessa el parc hi ha "coixins musicals" que emeten sons quan es trepitgen, i en una de les arees de joc per als nens i nenes mes petits hi ha dues estructures de fusta: una mena d'orgue i un balanci-teclat, que permeten experimentar amb el so.
Quant al jovent amb ganes de grimpar, te al seu abast una zona amb tirolines i jocs de trepa.
Per acabar de passar el dia
Tot i no pertanyer als Jardins de Joan Brossa, just a sobre hi ha una immensa esplanada on trobareu un bar i tambe algunes taules de picnic. S'hi pot accedir des d'un petit acces que hi ha dalt de tot dels jardins. Uns quants platans molt grans cobreixen d'ombra algun tros de l'esplanada, a sobre la qual encara n'hi ha una altra de tan gran o mes. Son terrenys que havien format part de l'antic parc d'atraccions.
Despres de recorrer els jardins, de jugar i de passejar, aquestes esplanades son un lloc ideal per acabar de passar un dia festiu amb tota la familia. Son tan grans que s'hi pot jugar tranquil·lament a pilota sense molestar ningu, o deixar que corri el gos. Si respectem els que comparteixin l'espai amb nosaltres, hi ha lloc per a tot i per a tothom.
La vegetacio dels Jardins de Joan Brossa es variadissima, bona part de la qual es va plantar quan es va construir el parc d'atraccions. Hi ha grans catifes de vivaces i de graminies, d'especies molt variades, que donen continuitat als recorreguts dels jardins, arbres i palmeres molt grans i extenses masses arbustives.
Aquests jardins son rics en coniferes, com els cedres, els pins i els xiprers. Algunes especies que trobem en aquests jardins -algunes poc frequents a Barcelona- son el cedre de l'Atles (Cedrus atlantica i Cedrus atlantica glauca), el cedre de l'Himalaia (Cedrus deodara), el cedre del Liban (Cedrus libani), el pi blanc (Pinus halepensis), el pi insigne (Pinus radiata), el pi de l'Himalaia (Pinus wallichiana), el pi maritim (Pinus pinaster), el xiprer (Cupressus sempervirens), el xiprer d'Arizona (Cupressus glabra) i el xiprer de Monterrey (Cupressus macrocarpa i Cupressus macrocarpa 'Golden').
Hi ha arbres tan mediterranis com l'olivera (Olea europaea), l'alzina (Quercus ilex) i el tamariu (Tamarix gallica), i d'altres amb floracions tan ornamentals com la mimosa (Acacia dealb

hot to install carpet

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